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Modern Sprout

Biophilic design, an architectural and interior decorating style, connects people in interior spaces to the natural world. (Learn more from Bea Copeland in “The Cabbage Dispatch.”) Chicago-based Modern Sprout has taken this inspiration and created sine of the most beautiful indoor planters and grow lights we’ve ever seen. The wall-mounted Growframes display houseplants like art, while terrarium-inspired Growhouses make countertop herbs elegant and productive. Dimmable, full-spectrum LED grow lights that can be controlled manually or by app help plants thrive even in dim spaces. All Grow Light Kits are made in the United States and shipped in sustainable packaging. Modern Sprout also sells Playful Planting projects like One-for-One Tree Kits, Seed Lollipops, and Pollinator Protector Activity Kits. Of course, we don’t think that a child needs an activity kit to fall in love with plants. But sometimes a little guidance can help. Save 15% off your order with code BLUEDOT.


Forest Sustainability Coalition


Ceramic, Bamboo, Brass, Cork, Recycled Materials, Stainless Steel


Compostable, Plantable, Recyclable, Biodegradable

Social Responsibility

Plants Trees, Sustainable Packaging, Made in America