Californians Lease Electric Vehicles on a Trial Basis



A Zevvy membership offers drivers a low-cost chance to test drive EVs.

More and more Americans are hopping on board the electric vehicle bandwagon. Many of those still on the fence are often held back by the up-front cost of an EV or by general uncertainty about whether an EV is the right choice for them. But Californians who are considering going electric now have a cost-effective way to address both of those issues.

Zevvy is an online EV leasing service available to qualified drivers aged 21 and up. Visitors to the company’s website can browse through a selection of EV models from Tesla, Hyundai, Nissan, and Chevrolet and lease the vehicle of their choice if it’s available. The minimum lease duration is six months, and each car comes with a basic Level 1 charger that can be plugged into a 110-volt household outlet to trickle-charge the car overnight. Depending on their driving habits and needs, lessees can sign up for a monthly mileage package or pay a modest per-mile fee on top of their monthly lease payment. After the lease ends, the lessee has the option of either renewing it or buying the car, with the mileage fees they paid during the lease term deducted from the sale price. Zevvy allows — even encourages — its vehicles to be used for Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing or delivery services, provided the drivers have the right insurance.

If Zevvy expands beyond the Golden State to other U.S. regions — and it plans to — more Americans will have a chance to test drive a gas-free ride.    

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