The Introverts’ Activist: Vanessa Nakate

Climate justice activist Vanessa Nakate, who, at age 26, has already appeared on the cover of Time Magazine and been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, visited the Winsor School to speak at an assembly and meet with students. Bluedot Institute student Aoife Beswick spoke with Vanessa, who is the founder of the Rise up Climate Movement, a platform that allows African Climate Activists to make their voices heard by the world at large. The two young environmentalists discussed racism within the climate and sustainability sphere, and how Vanessa seeks to amplify marginalized voices in that space. 

“As an introvert who stumbled into climate activism due to consequences of climate change in Uganda that are simply impossible to ignore, Vanessa has a unique perspective. She did not set out to change the world; rather, she stepped up to the task when few were willing to do so. As an introvert myself, and someone who has struggled with public speaking in the past, I found Vanessa’s words inspiring.”

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