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Our School 

We built our primary community school literally from scratch - from working with the local political spehere, local community, businesses in Zambia - we acquired land, built the school, and built a bore hole providing clean water. 


Our on ground team worked with the community, parents, and actively particiaptes in community outreach to do whatever they can to help - in home visits, etc.


Program Trips​

We had trips down to visit our school so volunteers can gain valuable experience on ground - with education, development, health care, etc. 




Bore Hole 

Clean and safe drinking water! We provide access to clean water through our bore hole we have built. It is 35-45 meters deep and we hit the 2nd aquifer to ensure constant water for the future. 



We had many fundraisers - you can check our social channels to see what they were!



Project L.O.V.E started with the gender equality and human right workshops in Zambia, and then extended on to the idea of building a school. 

L.O.V.E has done various presentations back here in North America to raise awareness of our efforts and projects down in Zambia - even connecting students here and there by letters.


Lunch Program


Our Lunch Program provided thousands of meals a month at our school!


Outdoor Cooking Hut


This is where we prepare our lunch program meals, and it is for the community to use, too!

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